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I got married and moved to my wifes home state of PA I got a job at a beef slaughterhouse. I injured my back and hired an attorney who went to prison on insurance fraud, i should of got out then. A lawyer of his represented my case, I could not stand the cold weather and pain that it caused also was going through divorce I ask my attorney if I could go to Florida he said yes they can send my checks to me, I moved back to Florida and got a job at the Sarasota County School Board I contacted the attorney’s office and told him I got the job. I thought everything was okay and I work for the school board while checks kept coming from their office; they went to him he took his percentage and forwarded me my share. I cash them this went on for a year, when all of a sudden police came from PA and arrested me took me back to Pennsylvania on a airplane. I went in front of a judge who gave me a court date that I had to return to court. When I went back to court I told them the story the judge said this is your signature on the check I said of course I signed them because of that he said I was guilty of insurance fraud I paid to $10,000 back right then that they overpaid me and they put me on 5 years probation but I am now convicted of a felony for the rest of my life.

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