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I was coming home from a birthday dinner when I was hit by a trailer swerving between lanes. I sped up to try and pass the trailer, but my tire was hit. That sent me spinning across the highway where I hit a concrete barrier. I was rushed to the hospital and released. Two weeks later, I was sent a DWI in the mail. I couldn’t fight it because they had my blood which was taken without consent. I had two glasses of wine with dinner!

I applied for a job with a school district and was told they wanted me for the job, but I needed to release myself from my contract at my other school. I called my principal to release my contract, and then this school district said they could not hire me because of my DWI conviction. This was not posted anywhere on the application, but I had disclosed it anyway.
Now, I am out of a job and most employers are denying me because of this conviction. I can’t erase the DWI or cover it up. It is on my record forever! A DWI has absolutely nothing to do with teaching…..
This law is crazy! How does keeping someone from working teach them a lesson about drinking?
User story by Allison in Texas

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