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My name is James Just after my 18th Birthday I met a young pregnant couple around my age who needed a place to stay. I offered for them to stay in my room I had been renting from my mother for about a year. My mother and I got into an argument over this while in the kitchen. I had a steak knife in my hand. My mother reached to take the steak knife away and I pulled back and away cutting my mothers thumb. why she was reaching I have no clue. My mother states that I was shouting and repeating look what I can do. She also stated that she had no fear for her life or bodily injury. The cops were called and I was arrested. I was not financially able to afford an attorney so I was appointed a public attorney whom was only interested in me agreeing to a plea bargain, no matter how much I said it was an accident. I did not intentionally cut my mother my mother was not pressing charges or going to testify after being told I had no other options and if I wanted to go to trial I would spend 15yrs. in Prison. I felt I had to do as advised. Having no previous records or arrests prior to this incident. I had no idea that I was ill advised and wrongfully Convinced into accepting a plea for 18 months Probation, of which I violated and was placed on house arrest for 6 months of which i violated as well, and sentenced to 10 months county jail. I have not had any run ins with authorities since being released in 2002.

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