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My name is lanaye and im a single mother with 5 children that depend on me everyday of there life. I made a mistake when i was 23 years old that landed me a misdemeanor and then when i was 27 i was appointed to come to court on alleged welfare fraud (childcare) which landed me an adult felony i didnt know about laws and really how this would affect my future until i matured and was ready to go to school and get a degree seeing that my children were very young when i got the felony and school wasnt an option because there was no one to watch them now im 34 years old the time has elapsed as far as having the felony removed and i tried 2x but the misdemeanor is the reason i cant because in michigan you csn only have one thing on your record to be eligible for expungement but i dont think its fair because im a good person never looks for trouble havent been in any kind of trouble since that incident just because you make a mistake you shouldnt have to pay for it for the rest of your life i want to go to school i want a good job i want to give my kids a good quality education and be able to provide for them and pay bills without struggling i often have to tell my kids no to things they ask for because i cant afford it when the holidays come around i cant shop for my kids like i want i had to depend on public assistance for help and thats not the life i planned on living or giving to my kids so please pass the bill so me and so many others that i believe deserve a second chance can have that all people are not looking to continue to mess up thank you and god bless!!

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