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Three years a go while I was drove in highway I was coming back from a fashion show and dressed fashionably, but I and drove on the right milage. However, a cop stopped me as soon as he saw I dressed fashionably and talked to me like he just coming back from a big fight. Still I can not believe that he gave me an Aggressive driving ticket and state low law does not allow me to defeat myself.  My life is destroyed, I had to stop my education and can not go to ASU anymore, all employers ignore me as soon as they do the background check, and no attorney can’t help me to remove this off of my background. First of all this is an unfair ticket in my background, and second this kind of ticket and law bring a big shame to the state law. 

How come if someone comes up with “Aggressive Driving Ticket” have to be dead or at least leave the state? Is this follow human rights? Who think this is fair Law? 

User story by Pedram in Arizona

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