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In January of 2009, I allowed my Nigerian husband to come to America through a Spouse visa. He ended up abusing me in many ways: sexually, verbally, and mentally. I put up with it thinking that he was going to change, that he was from Nigeria and did not understand the American culture. After 3 years of the torment I believed that what he was saying was true. “Its your fault. If you would just accept the way I am and the way you are supposed to be treated, then you would be fine.” I believed that it was my fault, and I went out to his car and got his loaded gun. I pulled the trigger. However, the gun was jammed. I brought it in the house and asked him to fix the gun. He did and I stood there with the gun to my head for 5 minutes ready to commit suicide. I could not. I ended up handing him the gun carefully. He placed it under his pillow and shot his hand. Because he was very close to me I had the gun powder on me. He told the police it was my fault and that I had shot my husband. I was charged with a misdemeanor and am having a hard time finding a job due to my set up. I want to expunge my record. I want something that I have not done erased off my record.

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