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Hi let me start off by explaining that i had a really tough childhood..i was raidsed with no father and my mother and i lived in section 8 mother had drug problems so i was left home alone for days at a time.i had a party at my apartment one of these nights and some guys around my apartments graffitied the apartment wallds and i was blamed for it and permantalty kicked out on the streets at age 12.i had no where to turn to i lived in and out at foster homes overnight homes shelters and more.the only people i had to rely on was people on drugs for places to stay shower and eat.i had no chance at going to high the time i reached adulthood i was still stuck on the streets i never knew a clean and sober life even existed until then….so i started turning my life around.i struggled getting old so called friends out of my life but eventually did.i went to school for modeling and actressing and succerssfully graduated then went and got my ged and got that as well.i compldeted 3 or more years of consistant outpatient and lots of inpatient treatment…by the time i started doing well i was diagnosed with an eye disease called retinitus pigmentosa and also requires steady treatment getting injections in my eyes every 8 months daiuly eye drops and check this time i realize i cant ever go back to that lifestyle ever again andf i have no desire to now what so ever.i am now living on social security disability at age 31 but want so badly to have that chance at life i never had a chance to left with two felony convctions of meth and about 5 convictions of misdomeaners.i was recently in a car wreck and i plan on working on getting my criminal record sealed with my settlement money just so i have a chance at life.even then with deteriorating eye vision it will be very difficult to even do college since i have to use a magnifier glass just to read.but i desperatly want to go back to school anyways.i have so many non violent convictions i dont even know how or where to begin on getting them sealed.i think i have to wait one more year just to get them off my record.i plan on saving money until i am eligable to do hoping i can hire one lawyer that will help me with this.i am praying i can somehow clean up my record to have a second chance at life..thank you for listenng to y story and good luck!oh one more thing i have paid the courts thosands of dollars all my convictions are paid off and i have all the paperwork so i think i have a good chance! trying so hard to stay prepared it is very very hard!

User story by j carpenter in washington state

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