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In 1998 I got wrongfully accused of a lewd act with my son. This event was supposed to have happened 5 years prior to conviction. No real dates or times of this event were documented nor were presented in the courtroom. The real story was that my ex-wife was in trouble and at the verge of losing her 7 boys to “CPS”. I had 1 month left to complete “CPS” program. That’s when all of these accusations came about. I finally figured out that she set me up, by asking me to show my son how to clean his uncircumcised private area. So, basically the justice system went on her say, no real proof at all, not even a trial was given. The lawyer I had never explained my rights. I never got to say my side of the story, law enforcement never even let me say anything for that matter. And since then, my ex-wife has been receiving SSI checks for our children and automatically got “CPS” on her side, even though I had just 1 more month to go to get my children back. And nobody wanted to hear this story, respectfully could someone please help, in getting this case expunged.

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