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On February 14 2010, I was arrested and charged with False Imprisonment, Sexual Battery on a victim over the age of 12 years Special Conditions and Domestic Violence. The alleged victim being my wife at that time. I bonded out of jail and was fitted with a GPS device, ordered to stay away from my home and my mother in laws home. I had know idea what to think and was in mental shock that my wife could attack me in front of our children. After my wife attacked me we both dressed the kids and I left with them while my wife was to get ready to go to her mother’s. Me and the kids left and when we returned there was a deputy at our home. I was instructed to remain out side and that I wasn’t allowed to leave. I was arrested. After bonding out of jail and being fitted with a monitoring device I stayed with my mother and obtained legal council. A month later I figured out that I had been set up by my wife and why. I told my attorney my discovery and he said “I knew you had been set up the first time you told me what happened”. I was astonished. Completely unbelievable to me. I just couldn’t grasp how this was actually happening. The pressure and anguish I was feeling for my kids,marriage,home and social status was unbearable. I wanted to just die but couldn’t bring myself to do that to my kids,just in case their mother’s lies would catch up to her. Because of my mental state, I cut off the GPS from my ankle and drove for a while. I then arranged to be picked up by law enforcement. I spent 4 long months in the county jail. Meanwhile my attorney had been able to get me back in my home since my former wife had stated that she needed the home for her and the kids but actually never spent even one night there after I was arrested. The State took no action on any of the charges save one, I was offered the charge of a “Simple Touch or Strike” with 1 Year of State Misdemeanor Probation. My house payment was 3 payments behind and I wanted out of jail in the hopes of saving my home and putting all of this behind me. During all of this time,within the first year, my wife,who being legally married to me at the time,was living with her boyfriend and his wife. My wife became pregnant and had a baby by the boyfriend. They all all,including my kids, continued to live there. Upon discovering that my wife was pregnant I filed for divorce. A year had gone by since my arrest. I had been waiting to file divorce the entire year because I was in love with my wife and family at the time.  I was allowed to finally see and get my kids for stays at my home. I had since remarried. A few months passed and then one day I received a call from the kids mother. She stated that she had moved in with her mom and had left her boyfriend. Soon afterwords my ex wife was trying to be my wife again. Of course I declined. Within a months time my ex wife had moved in with her boyfriend and ask me if I wanted the kids. I gladly accepted the kids into their new home and signed the paperwork for modifying the parenting plan so as to make me the residential parent. All of this being said, there are many omitted details of this case due to the complexity of the entire situation. However it is now January 30 2014. Florida DOR and the Department of The Treasury, IRS have my income tax return from last year and it still hasn’t been credited to my account although the mother has received and spent the money last year. The charges that I were not convicted of show on my public court records and the untruthfulness of it all is demeaning to me and my family as well the fact that I am self employed and rely on the public for my business.  So in a nutshell, My former wife accused me of some terrible offenses, moves in with a boyfriend and his wife,has his baby, I divorce her,she tries to rekindle her relationship with me, then moves in with her boyfriend and girlfriend and gives me our kids so they can live with me. Meanwhile my name slandered, Lost my home, in more debt with a foreclosure and probably will never see a dime of child support. My attorney even told me during litigation once that “the state isn’t buying her story”. Yet The State still had to have some kind of conviction. Makes my stomach turn. So the mother successfully hampered by ability to make a living with the help of the State Prosecuter in our town. I am truly Astonished

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