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2008, I lost control of my emotions and slapped my ex when she had me babysit our child so she could go have sex with a former friend. No matter what she did, I should have been bigger and walked away from that kind of person. The following fall, I was sucker punched in the face from behind, and the same guy bashed the window out of my 07′ G35. I never even got a hit in, and I walked away, but when the police came, arrested everybody and charged me with affray. I’ve never been a violent person, but now these 2 convictions make employers in Florida not even give me a chance. My life has been ruined. I just want to beg law makers to make things a little easier for people to get there backgrounds sealed for employment, if they meet some type of requirement. Many aspects of this American system isn’t fair, but I can’t eat, can’t provide, can’t meet a wife, all because of 1 bad decision. There is no second chances in life, so I’m also trying to reach people who haven’t done anything against the law yet, please just think twice. God bless us all

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