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I wish that somebody can help me. I am a good person, a good mother, wife. For years I was a model citizen I worked hard as an Early childhood consultant.
I did not know that I have the disease of addiction because I never drank before. Sadly when i started drinking the situation became worst and worst. In 2011 I had 2 Dui’s. After that I learn about the disease of alcoholism and put my self in recovery.
I am a great person, whit a college degree, kind, compassionate and a great professional.
Since my DUIs in 2011 my life is over, nobody give me a job.
Even that I am in recovery, sober.
I did not damage any property or injured others.
I pay my fines and did my probation. I know that what I did was wrong, however I do not think that is right to pay the rest of my life for a mistake. especially when I was always a good member of society.
I wish to find somebody that can help me. I have so much to offer.
If somebody can help me I will be thankful for ever.

User story by ligia in Florida

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