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I met a man through  He lived in the Seattle area.  I lived in the Portland, Oregon area.  I thought he was amazing, wonderful, and totally devoted to me.   He was divorced, unemployed, but supposedly starting a new business.  […]

My wife and i were foster care parents in the state of Minnesota. We chose to do so in hopes of adopting a child because after our own biological daughter was born all hopes of having another were dashed due […]

Like any story its starts off with one bad choice… I,m not a stranger to making bad choice. My life ended as soon as i started to work at a company a little less then 2 months employeess where stealing […]

My husband and I ask for help with food stamps when he got laid off his job. After almost a yr he found work again and I was not aware of all the laws and the things you have to […]

I was accused of writing a check on account.  This account had my own money and a different tax ID. this is on the business that I owned and filed bankruptcy. (that I should not have done). No one did […]

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