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My name is Jessie. I live in Tennessee. When I was nineteen years old I was a little wild not having any knowledge of the consequences I’d face. At the age of nineteen I was charged with a schedule two […]

I am currently a 40 year old African American female. Single and no children. I have a degree in Criminal Justice and psychology. I came to Florida in the early 80’s. I first got in trouble by hanging with the […]

I was charge will a crime of violation of civil right. Which result in a non-conviction and dismissal after completing probation. This have been a nine year process, I have been a active in my church, and other church talk […]

on the night it happened me and a co worker was going from bar to bar and we stop by a couple of store on the way and he got out at every store I stayed in the car I […]

My son was convicted of armed burglary at the age of 16 for stealing guns and other items from my cousins house along with a friend when they got out of school. My cousin tried to drop charges after her […]

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