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I’ve never get arrested before. I’m single father with two kids and caretaker for my mother. Having flexible hours around my everyday life I decided to join and work for taxi company*****. All my documents uploaded and updated. I filled […]

in 1994 I was charged with intoxicated manslaughter I also have some other problem possession of control subjects the case what’s up guilty but if you have any time can some call me I am having a hard time to […]

I have never threaten anyone there was 110 complaints by one family and in June 26 2006 I was sitting on my deck minding my own business at 10:00 at night just relaxing and she came home she told Me […]

I am trying to get my 2 felonies expunged. I did my 5 years of probation and paid all my fees and fines and restitution. my 2 charges were supposed to be dropped to misdemeanor s when I finished my […]

I as we’ll was ordered to pay 1100 in child support a month, along with 400 a month in alimony. Months before our seperation I had payed for my x to get her degree in accounting, but she refused to […]

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