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As a recently released felon who is earnestly seeking gainful employ and being denied the same because ofmy criminal past.I am reaching out to any one on this site.Who may find it in thier heart and mind to lend me […]

Someone who really deserves a second chance.  In July, 2008, there was a young man who was out looking for drugs that was hit by a car.  The FHP investigated and listened to the family of the deceased boy who […]

My ex and I were arguing about her being unfaithful she then began to get violent with me in an attempt to defend myself i then used a submission hold to restrain her and remove her from the property i […]

i was adjudicated guilty of traffiking in cannabis/cultivation of cannabis/lease or rent for the purpose of trafficking in a conrolled substance on 04/24/2009 . i went to stete prision and made my time successfully without any disciplinary action whilemean i […]

I was a troubled teenager who left home and got pregnant at the age of 16. Because of my poor choices, my parents decided to show me tough love. I was not allowed to come back home. So I tried […]

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