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my name is marlon L. P. i was convected of a felon… in 2000 for position of a firearm in the first degree and drive by in the second, at the time i was a young man that was railroaded […]

Hi my name is Jermaine and my run-in’s with the law begin back in 2001 an ended in 2008, which I was convicted in 06 of a drug charge an completed my probation in 08. I haven’t been in trouble […]

I’m a Former Resident of North Carolina trying to resolve a case were a arrest I had in NC regarding Identity Fraud.The all charges were dismissed and Expunged at the request of a Common Wealth Of Virginia Court but is […]

i am a single parent who had a child at a young age i didnt know how to provide for my son i did things that i am not proud of  i since realized that was not the way to go i have […]

I was in ybor city drinking, and I was served and am guilty of consuming alcohol until I was extremely drunk. I later was caught up in a large fight and then just trying to defend myself got caught up […]

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