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  I entered into a relationship with a very unstable stalker type.  When I decided to end the relationship, she used the domestic violence laws to throw me in jail.  I was released after 4 months by pleading no contest […]

My name is Darold Blakely and I am starting to get my life back together but now that I am back in Texas I cant find a job..I have not been in trouble in over 11yrs and when people do […]

i am 24 years old, and my name is ralph vulpitta. i have a daughter of 4 years old and a girlfriend for 6 years.  i grew up an athlete all my life and had dreams of being a proffessional […]

I was in an abusive relationship. He was a drunk and heavy drug user. I had been clean for 5 years at the time of my arrest. He was DRUNK. I got into a fight with him over me leaving […]

I am currently a single mom of 2! I have contacted our governor and many other state officials dozens of times. Everthing on my record is a misd. and well over 10 years old. Most all the dumb choices I […]

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