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  I entered into a relationship with a very unstable stalker type.  When I decided to end the relationship, she used the domestic violence laws to throw me in jail.  I was released after 4 months by pleading no contest […]

My name is Darold Blakely and I am starting to get my life back together but now that I am back in Texas I cant find a job..I have not been in trouble in over 11yrs and when people do […]

I am currently a single mom of 2! I have contacted our governor and many other state officials dozens of times. Everthing on my record is a misd. and well over 10 years old. Most all the dumb choices I […]

My name is Robert,Im going to tell my story and keep it very short.I was in the wrong place at the wrong time with some one else but was not the person who did the crime.The other person got away […]

My story is pretty simple. I was convicted of trafficking cocaine at the age of 23 of which my offense was committed when I was 20 years old. I think everyone makes mistakes at one point in their lives, some […]

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