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Like too many young men I made a terrible decision and choice with the wrong people. My decision and choice burglary, non residence landed me in Jail with a felony charge, resulting in 5 yrs. probation.It should have been simple […]

I know i dont have the best past but i had gotten into some trouble in 2006. I was put on probation and finally just did my time. I have a two yr old son now i have my own […]

I was convicted of class A misdmeador theft last year in july I did not commit this crime but unfortunately my name was used and I was arrested I NEED HELP .

For almost 2 1/2 weeks my wife wouldn’t talk to me and I search for answers from a multitude of sources with no real answers. We were in the bedroom and both of us have CCW licenses and she wouldn’t […]

My name is greg i was moving out east from the midwest which is home went back to my anunts funeral while there wanted to move my stuff to, so i packed everthing in the truck of my car i […]

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