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hi, i was in Burke county visiting my sister. i hsd brought wth me 2 of my pain meds an a seizure med.i was stopped for speeding to start with was going to back into parking lot at apartments of […]

I was In a domestic violent marriage! Seeking help from women’s groups and police!  My husband had hit me punched me pushed me so many times,  that evening I called for police help before this erupted out of control!   […]

I was twenty one years old and abused by my childs father the courts would not help me or put him in jail.I ended up pregnant again with his child and the abuse continued no one would help.I tried to […]

When I was 22 years old, I was dealing with a lot of grief from the death of my brother. I started taking oxycontin and got addicted. I needed help, but felt like I had nowhere to go so I […]

I am writing this for my Husband: 16 years ago my husband had a theft by swindle charge He went in front of Scott Buhler and Judge Roe. He was told by his public pretender that if he would just […]

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