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I got in trouble 22 years ago and was convicted of two felonies. One was a CCW, which is now an everyday thing here in Michigan and the other was a conspiracy charge.  Now I have a wife and two beautiful […]

I was arrested for assault family violence and got deferred probation and it was dismissed and i keep getting hired then fired once the record comes in. They changed the law sept 2011 that they cant expinge or file a […]

In 1991 I was convicted of a drug offence didn’t serve any time. I was sentenced to life time probation which lasted for 11years until MICHIGAN passed a bill that put an end to lifetime probation. I managed to get […]

I came to Florida to visit my Mom, and found out she was ill. I needed transportation, so I rented several cars with the rental service. the last car was kept over due date. My mom died the same night […]

As a single young 18yr old adult I had a hard time keeping ends meet. My checking account was always used to float me until pay day to keep bills paid. I ended up with 3 bad checks I went […]

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