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In 2002 I stopped for a woman waving next to the street. When I pulled over she asked if I was looking for a date and I told her no. I then had guns in my face and was arrested […]

help me clear my name I had a ruff life being rape beat at a young age my mother left me when┬áI was 13┬á she┬ájust move away┬áI was forced to live in the streets no family┬áall a lone i had […]

I was working security at a night club and there was an incident between a man and a wife and I was doing my job to break it up when I as an employee got arrested for domestic, can I […]

my baby sister was attending summer school for flunking gym ,other kids were teasing her at first ,she complained to the gym instructor several no avail did he assisst her,the kids then attacked her at the bus stop.the next […]

On sept 9 2006 my best friend of 20 years┬áI was 24 at the time got up very early 5am or so and went to a hunting expo. We had a great time there and came home. We sat down […]

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