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You know, I can’t get over the fact that there are corrupt people in this world. I should be use to it, but I’m not. I was wrongfully convicted by corrupt people. It happened so fast. It was on September […]

I was brought into custody at the Susquehanna County Jail for disorderly conduct while at my home. No charges were pressed. I most likely would have been released the following morning. I was recently prescribed medication for anxiety (Xanax) and […]

I’m a college student, going to school to become an Elementary Teacher while getting a license in Special Education. A few years ago I was headed out of town with a few girlfriends of mine and we got pulled over. […]

i had lived at this address for nearly ayear.  with my girl friend of wich was her house. her mother came down to stay with her aweek prior and kicked me out.. meanwhile my girlfriend secretly met with me withoutr […]

some of us all r not the same as others who repeat there crimes we should not have to pay for thoses who repeat we r the ones who r trying to do better by getting work it is very […]

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