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Hello, I was charged with a Domestic Violence back in 1997 by my now ex-wife(Yes we have kids). I was young and dumb at the time but I never hit her… At the time that she claims I “assaulted her” […]

Went out with friends to relax for my 18 birthday, got into an altercation with a group of other guys. (Never been arrested before this incident.) All I did was protect myself in a fight and the next thing you know […]

The past year and a half has been hell. Family moved in, and money became tight… REALLY tight. My mom became disabled, and she began collecting SSI (which isn’t very much). None of the family that moved in was working. […]

I moved back to Jacksonville, Florida in 2010.  Within two weeks of moving back, my fiance and I were arguing in our car about an electric bill.  Yes we were yelling but there was no fighting at all physically.  Someone […]

I was 17 when I did a foolish thing.  At this time I was heavy into drugs and destructive behavior.  I was convicted to six years in IDOC.  I have not been in trouble since.  I have went on to […]

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