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I am currently employed and was when this happened making a measly $20000 per year salary and recently i have been looking to get a better job with something i would like doing in my case truck driving since i […]

I caught my first and only case 13 years ago. I was defending myself in my home but according to the Judge, I did not have that right. She stated I should have called the police. The police in Detroit […]

I have a chemicly un balenced girlfriend when she gos off she atacks  me hitting biteing and kicking me, I am able to get away from her most of the time. This time she kicked my legs out from under […]

I have been to the Federal Prison I am a 44 year old woman I did 3 years an 5 months. I did my time that I was sentence to do. I was released on April 15th 2011.  I started working  for a […]

After an honorable discharge from U.S.Navy and serving in Vietnam in 1970 I fell in at the age of 20 with the wrong crowd. I got in trouble quiet a few times over a two year period with the law,between […]

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