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Hi, my name is Larry. I’ve wanted to join the Marines since i was about 13 years old. i was convicted of a felony at age 13 also. The charge was “aggravated sexual assault to a child” i was convicted […]

why is it that our system of government has the power and authority to permanently destroy peoples lives by continuously using a person background against a person long after he or she has paid their debt to society. where does […]

I commited a crime, I have never denied that from the beginning. I gave a friend some Vicodin when she didn’t have a prescription. It is a crime, again, I know that. I did not sell the pills to her, […]

              My name is Michael jerome Woodcock jr. I will explain my past criminal mantality as we all no my life would be hard from the day i came into our world.If you don’t know i will inform you my […]

not sure whats going on with my gun transfer, I was denied last friday , do not know why. When I was 15-16 I had some drug rehab and was detoxed in the psych ward in a hospital because that […]

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