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I was convicted of a felony for identity theft but it was less than a $1000.00 that was my first offense ever, I was not told by the lawyer that is was going to be a felony. If I knew […]

I was separated from my wife for 8 months back in 2004, when she shows up at my door on a Saturday and basically barges in when I answer the door because she saw a girl in my apartment (divorce […]

I moved to florida in January of 2002 to live with my boyfriend and his mother with my then four children . when i got there I knew no one here. but by boyfriend was dealing drugs and I had […]

I helped steal two saddles in approximately 1970.I was charged with grand larceny and my appointed attorney advised me to plead guilty. I received 1 year probation and payed all the restitution. Now that about 43 years have passed I […]

i went to jail because i had a bracelet on and i took it off and they send out a warrent for when they caught me i went to jail for nine months. i find my 21 year old daughter […]

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