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Well it all began with a date to the Texas Rangers game and afterwards we were supposed to go out to Rockwall and the guy asked me would I drive because he had had a couple of drinks so I […]

when i was 17, this girl accused me of rape. I know i didnt do it and i was 17 years old. months later the Burlington County Prosecuter’s office pinned me in a Beverly City Police station where i was […]

I received a class D possesion of a controlled substance in 2005 and since then I did incur other class D theft felonies relating to theft (for addiction).  I have now been clean for 5 years and want to get […]

  My daughter was 13 yrs old and had been missing three days and I had called the police and when I found out where she was I called them again and I told them to meet me because since […]

My name is Jesica, and this is my store.From the time I was 18 I was getting in trouble. Mostly for stealing to in press others. I did meth. I was in and out of prison until I was 31 […]

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