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In 1997, my ex-wife falsely accused me of a crime against our daughter. It took me 1.5 years and a trial to get this over with. Now, 14 years later, it still haunts me whenever anyone does a background check […]

My story is very depressing.. I needed 20 dollars to buy my son diapers and put gas in my car… I tried every one I knew but everyone claimed they were broke… My last resort was to ask my brother, […]

Back in the mid 90’s I took my childern to see their father. When I went to leave he asked me to stay so his parents could see the kids. I relucntly agreed after he promsed that they would give me […]

my name is Terrance i was 20 when when i saw the inside of a jail didnt know why i was there a day later a guy comes to me and says i am here cause of rape kidnapping and […]

it was sunday night sometime in nov. 2011 i was walking down the street to the bus stop by my fathers house 3 days before this my uncle was shoot in his head by idk who so since it was late […]

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