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I was at my business on a break sitting outside.When my sister who is not mentally stable attacked me.I was dumb founded she grabbed me around the neck and we went spiraling down the handicap ramp.She is a little woman […]

Bank robbery, I went into a bank with a note. My exact words on the note were this is a robbery please put 10,000 in this bag and I passed the bag through window. I did not threaten anyone nor did […]

In the mid 1980s there were several high profile sex cases in the news involving child care and children in general (most notably an entire town in Washington state had their kids taken due to these charges) in the news […]

Hello, 21 yrs ago. I was charged with posession of cocaine (less than 28 grams) The charge was with held adjudicated and ordered to be sealed by the courts, upon my completion of probation. Well I was given 6 months […]

when i was younger, i thought i knew what i wanted….but as a teenager, who has seen nothing but bad…i should have known better ……i should have not done things that others were doing!!! i did not think that i […]

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