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In September 2010 I was working as a consultant with private investors, commercial hard money, in Florida a person does not have to be licensed to work in hard money, and at this time residential did not need a license […]

  In 2000 while still in high school I committed a crime at my worksite. I was honest about the whole ordeal and I was arrested and charged petit theft. This was my first offense and trusts me my last. […]

I entered into a plea agreement in 2004 and plead guilty to a sex offence.  I know i was wrong for what i did, I was sentenced to a 3 years probation ans psychological counseling. I completed all that and I completed […]

I was 17 years old, my friends and I were going night fishing for carp when we were driving through the parking lot to park our van, these people that were in the parking lot threw a bottle at our […]

My name is Sabrina and I made a bad decision in February of 2004. I was truthful about what happened and the state said it was something that was not. It has been almost 10 years ago. I have been […]

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