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When i was 13 i made the biggest mistake of my life.i hurt some one who is very close to me and i got charged with a sex offence,let me tell you that i regret that choice and i am […]

I live in missouri and have for 56 years only the last 20 plus, I each and every day still pay my so called debit to socitey. I AM A FELON. Why ? I was said to have knowingly posessed […]

It was January 9, 2010 and cold outside. I was in my car at my apartment complex waiting for my friend and co worker of 10 years to get home. We lived in the same complex. It was Friday and […]

Plain and simple cut and dried. I was wrongfully arrested for domestic violence. My lawyer advised a no contest plea ( which is a guilty plea) I received a fine, informal probation and community service as well asĀ counselling . The […]

I was arrested in 2010 for a theft charge which I did not commit. Ā I was with a neighbor at a local store when she decided to steal without my knowledge and because I was with her I was charged […]

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