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Hello,  I’ve made a mistake four years ago that is haunting me. I have an Aggravated Battery charge with Adjudication Withheld. Although I have not been convicted of the crime and still have my civil rights, employers will not look […]

In 1988, my life was completely destroyed, due to being charged with “attempt lewdness with a minor” and was coercively forced to accept a guilty plea, which I consequently served 18 months for, released with no parole and no obligated […]

I have a son who was born premature, named Gabriel Rose. When Gabriel turn 1 year old, I was pregnant with my daughter Vanessa which was a high-risk pregnancy. I had a cerclage to hold in my pregnancy with her […]

First of all let me say I was wrong but have long paid the price and continue to pay. I am a 51 year old male from Somerville, Tennessee. My troubles started early on in life due to undiagnosed mental […]

Three years a go while I was drove in highway I was coming back from a fashion show and dressed fashionably, but I and drove on the right milage. However, a cop stopped me as soon as he saw I dressed fashionably […]

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