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my son committed the crime 16 yrs ago..he has been home two years now.. no one will give him a job due to his felony record..but again he was 17 now 34 ….please some one help me help him clear […]

I made a mistake 7yrs ago and since then i am not able to get a job worth going to everyday. Im so hurt inside because i know that i am more qualified and more diligent than most of the […]

This is about the problems I’ve had due to past troubles with the law and a little bit about how and why it happened. But first, a little background info..My name is Beth and I’m 29 years old and I […]

I had a very strict mother who didnt allow me to do much until I was 18.  So at 19 and 20 I was doing things others had done in their early teens.  My sister dared me one day to […]

After serving my country in Vietnam I went home to Arizona and got into some trouble. I was charge and convicted with a federal conspiracy charge to import marijuana, I received 2 years probation and have never been in any […]

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