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I was arrested in February 2009 and placed on 2 years deferred adjudication for a felony in June 2009. I successfully completed everything the judge requested me to do and was released from probation 2 months early in April of […]

i was beaten by an ex girlfriend with a hammer i didnt press charges but she did because i didnt want to be with her i end up arrested  by her lying.she had no body injury but i did police […]

My story is large, but all in all this was my first time ever going to court I have served my country for 8 years with deployments. Me and my wife were in an argument that lasted for 4 hours […]

Hello everyone. my story begins back in 1999. I joined the Marine corps in hopes of finding a better future for myself and my kids. Everything was going fine until one day I was doing drills and things that would […]

I was 21 when I was arrested along with my friend for drug possession.  He was the driver and I was the passenger.  We were going to a friends house on a Friday night at 2:00 in the morning after […]

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