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so i used to be really messed up and was busted using drugs 3 years ago, got arrested and convicted, paid a fine, etc….ive been clean since then but im in the process for looking for jobs and ive been […]

I was driving in the city of rancho cordova in sacramento ca, and got pulled over on coloma and zenfindale dr for a busted out tale light had no idea that the driver had 1300$ in crystal meth on him […]

hey y’all, just wanted to tell my story. it was super easy (and i know nothing about law). in iowa, there are no forms and you just write a letter to the judge about why you want an expungement. i […]

i was wrongfuly accused & convicted of theft of property & burgerly in 1986. i have had the roughest life that you could emagine. i cannot get a good job or take care of my family. my wife has cancer […]

As I read these stories about other people, I cant help but share mine. Nearly 10 years ago I was a horrible person, did awful things, and was involved with bad people. Then one day, a pastor from a local […]

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