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Okay guys I will make this short.  I am a OEF/OIF veteran of the U.S ARMY, like all soldiers upon returning home from the war, I had problems such as depression, mood swings, anger of falling soldiers, divorce, and just […]

I recieved a felony charge a couple of years ago, all because I had my gun in my car for protection, due to the fact I’ve been robbed before. I had failed to get the permit renewed by a month or so. […]

My wife and I have known each other for 8 years now. I am Canadian and she is American. We met in Texas while I was working on a work permit. Before we got married she unfortunately was charged with […]

My friend had hooked me up with this guy & everything was going good with us, he meet me when i was 5 months pregnant. He didn’t have any kids and my daughters dad left me. So he asked if […]

My name is Brian, I am 28 and am tired of being unable to gain employment, use civil services and own a rifle. No voting, No Gun ownership, No Jury Duty… When did this country become so full of itself. […]

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