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My name is Angie and 5 years ago in January, 2005, I had a felony for resist arrest and a misdemeanor for domestic violence. Now I have never been in trouble before, or since. I want to find a way […]

In 1989, I was convicted of possession of controlled substance. and since then I haven’t been into any trouble. I have had some good jobs, such as: working in the 3rd largest chemical refinery,as a journey man, making anywhere from 28 […]

I worked for a company that sold cutlery.  A woman gave me her checking info which really belonged to someone else.  I didn’t do anything with it but turn it in.  The merchandise went to whomever the lady was.  A […]

I was charged with a child abuse 1 felony in 2002 at my job while doing bus gate duty at a child center. I was grabbed from classroom and put at the front gate to get children off the bus […]

I  lived a hard life when i was younger , i did what it took to survive i made a lot of mistakes along the way.  I didnt know it would follow me the rest of my life , now […]

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