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I was arrested at a gay cruising spot near Tampa and charged with lewd and lascivious conduct and battery.  Nothing lewd occurred (even the police report didn’t rise to the level required), and the alleged battery was touching the cop’s […]

I was age 25, 10 years ago when I was arrested and charged with foodstamp.   My boyfriend gave his probation officer my address and told them he lived with me.  He wasnt living with me.   I was told […]

In 1997 I was wrongfully accused of sexual molestation.  My wife’s son and his family came to live with us because they had no other place to go. His wife who was pregnant, her 10 year old daughter who had […]

I feel that when you only have (1) felony conviction in the state of Texas that you deserve a second chance.   I was convicted in May of 1997, I feel the timeframe of not being able to expunge it […]

I just applied for an apartment and got turned down, because of an entry into my records for charges that I pled guilty to, even though I was not guilty, because I was misled by a court appointed attorney, as […]

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