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When I came to Florida ,i was free and clear of having a criminal record.not knowing the processer of pleading not guilty in taking it to court, I would plea guilty to misdemeanor charges thinking it would not have an […]

I am writing this for my long time partner. We have been together for 26 years. He helped me to raise my two children and he also have helped me raise nieces, nephews, God-children and just friends children. I met him […]

I thank God that I was arrested and finally put on a path to leading a better life. I had spent the better part of five years on drugs and basicly letting my life slip in to ruin before I was caught […]

My day started off normal as usual go to my friends house to play video games, chill, and hang out. My friend then brought out some brass knuckles he found outside in the street. I started to play with them […]

First off my name is Michael.  I am  from Fort Worth,Texas.  I am convicted of 2 misdemeanors for assault and possesion, for 2 and a half years i been out of work had a couple temp jobs but nothing full […]

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