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Unfortunately what happened to me as happened to many people I know.  We are not criminals in anyway whatsoever.  Arrested for Lewd Conduct, this is when a police officer pretends to be gay and tries to entrap another gay male […]

well my story is simple, i had just turned 21yrs old and living alone, no kids, no boyfrnd.  Just tyring 2 focus on my life. i moved in to a four family flat and from the start i was bein […]

Hello, I was interested in doing this for the purpose of showing that lives can change after being convicted of a crime(s). I started my trips to jail in 2005 resulting from a drug addiction. Once the jail sentencing began […]

My name is Bob. I served my country for 10 years in the United States Navy before returning home to take care of my daughter. I have over 19 years working with military personnel dealing which requires a standard of […]

Excellent example of irrational treatment of a criminal record when it comes to being hired.

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