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I was arrested and later convicted in Austin Municipal Court for “Disorderly Conduct” . My lawyer Sam Bassett who is supposed to be so wonderful, screwed me by not not telling me that a “Final Conviction” in Texas is not […]

Mine was what seemed simple. I was Guardian of a friends Daughter, age 17, who had been giving her trouble and she could no longer control. She also had some living condition problems so she sent the girl to live with my 12 […]

Hi, I am 26 years old. Four years ago i was charged with Identy Theft i was going to school and working and living with my boyfriend. my boyfriend at the time had a good job. they had a lay […]

Having a dismissed felony “charge” on my record is preventing any employer from hiring me. I mean NOBODY will give me a chance. I have just about lost all hope of a successful future. I was arrested in January 2004 for poss/cont sub. My […]

i do have a felony on my record it is over $500.00 in damage. I did not do any prison time i have not been in trobbel in 20 years

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