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I grew up in a home of abuse and hate and anger. I was kicked out at age 16 and had no place to go. So i started hanging with the wrong crowd and got involved in drinking and drugs. […]

At the vulnerable age of 18 my father whom I had not seen or hear from since I was 2 years old called my mother late one evening in November 2004. He told her he was dying from cancer and […]

At the age of 15, my son was convicted on a felony charge. He was certified as an adult & spent 9 years in TDC. He was release in 2003/2004 and has not been in any trouble since. He has […]

I was in a bad mood and my boyfriend, now ex boyfriend was trying to make me more upset by calling and texting other girls really messed up things to make me jealous which made me really angry so i […]

30 years ago I got a DUI in N.C. I had just received my Paralegal Degree and went out for a few beers – BUSTED on the way home. 10 years ago I got a DUI in Florida after I […]

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