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I Have had 2 D U I’s 5 years apart. When i was in my 40’s, i was a  single mom with a drinking problem along with clinical depression.  Now that it has been 10 years and all that is […]

July 13, 2001 I went to a friend’s house. The were drinking and what not. As I was leaving, they decided to drive to the store. I didn’t want them to drive, so I offered to take them. As we […]

On June 2nd 1986, I was convicted of one count of 288a(c) (Oral Copulation) I was sentenced to serve 1 year of week-ends in the Sacramento County jail, and 5 years of formal probation. On November 14th 2007 the court […]

Hello, I am really in high hopes that my story can be heard and my record someday expunged. In 1984 i was a 14 year old runaway from Georgia. I Ran away because of multiple home stressors and circumstances… I […]

I was an Officer with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) for about ten years. During my first year on the job, I was injured in an on-duty patrol car collision. I healed and went back to work. Over the next […]

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