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I was convicted of Petty Theft and adjudication was withheld on a burglary of a dwelling when I was 18. Now almost 20 years later the charges are still haunting me and I cannot seal it because adjudication was withheld […]

My name is Sammy Gaddis, and I was placed on Deferred Adjudicated Probation for Felony Theft in April of 2001. Since this time I have completely turned my life around and have become a college graduate, father of two beautiful […]

It was mid 1997 in East Texas. I had already made 1 big mistake in my life…I married the wrong man! From there, it just got worse. It was a pretty normal day, when the now ex-husband decided his self […]

Many people make mistakes in life, some learn from those misjudgements quicker than others. Some crimes do not need to be expunged (i.e. rape, murder, et.) however, with the overwhelming disparity in the courts and how charges are stacked upon […]

Here’s what happened. I was arrested in 04 for a felony possession of less than one gram for a prescription that my wife was on. It was a first offense i got 2 years deferred, paid all my fines and […]

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