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I was convicted of a 3rd degree felony with mayhem when I was 18 yrs. old. I am sorry it ever happened, it was a very stupid mistake on my part. It did not have to include mayhem, but it did, […]

I received my PC 1203.4 on December 11, 2009. But to this day I have been unable to get my misdemeanor registration under PC 290 ended. My PC 647.6 was expunged when I got my PC 1203.4.  I waited several […]

I was a young man 18 yrs old and sold a guy  a motor and refused to pay for it . We got into an argument, and he gave me my money then filed charges of aggervated Robbery on me.  […]

A great example of how an effective expungement law could make good sense for Texas

My name is Sharon. I feel like should not have been charge for spanking my son for stealing from a teacher .  The was charge was injury to child.  H e had no bruise  just his word.   i have […]

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