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On August 14, 1989; while I was watching a Twilight Zone episode, my seven years old niece asked me to play with her. In addition, I told her I would play with you after I finish watching my movie. She […]

I am a 56 year old single female . I worked for various government contractors,I have 25 years experience in electronics assembly and inspection. My last job was for Raytheon in Largo Fl.  In 2006 I was diagnosed with type […]

I know there are a huge number of guilty people who are never caught or convicted. I also know now that the system is not perfect and there are a huge number of innocent people, whom either are behind bars […]

Hi my name is Lydia and I was framed i use to work @ a doctors office and one of the doctors patient stolded a prescrition book and started to write scrips and was caught,he blamed me and told all the […]

Ok here is my story. In 5/2000 at the age of 17 I was let go from a grocery store I worked at due to providing additional coupon discounts which where not allowed. I was not arrested at that time […]

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