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Helped a ex rent a laptop computer.I was told just in case something happened to primary lease holder. That i would be notified and take it from there. I went my way she went hers. I was later arrested and charged […]

My 17 year old son made a bad decision to drink then drive a friend home. He was charged with a OWI but was convicted to a driving while impaired charge.  Around the same time my 17 year old went […]

In November of 2012, I was arrested for Crimal Trespass 1st degree. At the age of 41, I’m proud to say that this is my first (and hopefully my last) arrest. I was kicked out of Grant Per Diem and Rapid […]

I am writing this letter of explanation regarding my 2006 Felony Conviction.  Eighteen years ago, in 1993, I injured my back while working as an LPN in a Geriatric Nursing Home.  I was required to see certain doctors as directed by the insurance carrier.  In 1995 I was declared permanently partially disabled by […]

I was nineteen at the time,in the vehicle with a boyfriend and he had illegal drugs in the car..I got charged with it also..Now im 25 and its hard to get a good job.I have had jobs but nothing i […]

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