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I was with my 93 year old client (I am in my mid 40’s never in trouble in my life and first speeding ticket at 43 10 over speed trap) As well do no smoke, have never done or even […]

I wish to be a part of my country but I cant…  

First, I would like to thank this system for a great opportunity to a individual such as my self to part take in the wonderful experience on making my words being read…. Well, let start by saying this (being a […]

Well…. My story begin like I never expected any of this that happen I was just a back seat rider of the car and didn’t haven’t any idea of what’s going on….had to do probation for 1 yr it really […]

Hi, I was arrested like 4 times in my whole life. The first time i was arrested when i turned 17. I was arrested for a class A misdemeanor for a scratch on the other person arm which the person […]

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