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Well I was 17yrs old when the first offense occurred which was forgery; I received a stolen check from a “so called” Friend well i ended up cashing the check for him and ended up with the charge on my […]

My name is Amanda and I am 25 years old. When I was 18 I started doing drugs. I made mistakes and I was wrong and I fully acknowledge that. I ended up with three felonies when it was all […]

My wife and i had an argument on October 3, 2001. During the course of the argument things got a little heated and I threw a bag of cat food. It struck her on her lower back. She immediately ran […]

I got a DUI in ’03 that i dont feel i deserve. Me and my cousin were driving through west valley city utah where the cops are known to not be so nice and i got pulled over for running […]

I accepted 5 years probation for child endangerment in 2003 on the advice of my attorney and was told that if i completed it successfully that it would not be on my record and the arrest could be removed from […]

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