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I’m an Insurance agent, and I had the most terrible experiences working with Agency Owners. Is amazing. I was charge of stilling $80.00, that’s what she said to the police, and they went to get me at my brothers house, […]

i will be the first to admit that using marijuana is wrong and against the law . i was however unaware of just sharing 10 dollars worth of it was a felony if i did i would have never put […]

My name is lanaye and im a single mother with 5 children that depend on me everyday of there life. I made a mistake when i was 23 years old that landed me a misdemeanor and then when i was […]

I was charged with a marijuana conviction of a class b misdeamonor because I could not afford a proper attorney. Now, I am not eligible to work many public sector jobs, even after completing my masters degree because of this […]

2008, I lost control of my emotions and slapped my ex when she had me babysit our child so she could go have sex with a former friend. No matter what she did, I should have been bigger and walked away from […]

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